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13-Feb-2018 06:41

One thing’s for sure, never trust their advice on sizing when buying your canvas, especially if doing so online.

For a "three man" tent, read one man and his kit or, at a push, a happy couple prepared to spoon; for a "two man" read one cramped man and half his kit. Unless backpacking, always go two or three capacity ratings higher than the actual number sleeping in it. Not testing all your equipment beforehand Yes it sounds a bit nerdy but trust me, the time you don’t want to discover missing tent pegs, a broken sleeping bag zip, a snapped washing line, a leak in the air mattress or a cooker that doesn’t work is when you’re four hours drive away from any means of sorting out the problem.

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Most guys don’t like to talk about their issues the way women do.Just as with the deadlift, it’s important to wear proper foot attire while squatting to get the most out of the lift.