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They provide every spec about the gun, who is was shipped to, when it was shipped, and even how many other firearms were shipped at the same time as yours.You can find the order form and specifications of Colt Manufacturing's archival service here.Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions as we are evaluating all feedback as we move forward.Although gun recovery is difficult, it is not our website's only purpose.At the moment, a stolen weapon is instant cash for any thief, but with our website's capability it will now allow the general public to privately and easily identify a stolen gun.This will ultimately drive down the value of these guns; therefore, possibly preventing and deterring a thief from stealing firearms.

I have also seen the date code on the bottom of the frame (receiver) of a semi-automatic, but I have never seen it on the receiver of a break-action gun.

For example, 1972 is usually represented by XXVIII, but in a few cases it may be written XX8 or as 1972.

Also, during the years 1945-1953, some Berettas may be marked with Arabic numbers 1-9 rather than Roman numerals I-IX.

Not able to locate the date of manufacture for your Colt firearm?

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Well we did some digging and found that Colt offers an archival service for a moderate fee to locate all records of your original Colt shipment.Leitchfield, Kentucky – -(Ammo Welcome to Stolen Weapon.