Who is tenley from the bachelor dating speed dating young adults los angeles

09-Dec-2017 01:19

One of our big hotel stays was in San Francisco, and it was Halloween.

I remember dressing up in the hotel and wishing we could see the city.

Tenley then reportedly set her sights on Kaitlyn’s other ex Ben Higgins; however, after a few dates, Ben reportedly put the brakes on their relationship because he was tapped to star as ABC’s next Bachelor – of course, in order to be The Bachelor, you kind of have to be single.

A new dating rumor popped up on the internet earlier this week, and now Tenley Molzahn is spending time with JJ Lane. #bachelorinparadise #bachelornation #bachelorfamily.” Sodo you think the rumors are true and Tenley Molzahn & JJ Lane are dating?

We still don’t understand what anyone could possibly see in JJ Lane – but Tenley insists that he is a great “friend.” Tenley took to Facebook and confirmed that she has been spending time with JJ, but she didn’t really clarify if they are just friends, or romantically involved.

When the sunny reality TV star touched down in Toronto for Eligible magazine’s TIFF Bachelor Party, we couldn’t wait to find out what prompted her to hit the beach with her fellow former contestants.

Hopefully that will be soon, and hopefully, Tenley learned a little something from Nick Viall and will think about actually getting out of that limo when the time comes.

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