Entj dating entj

10-Sep-2017 14:08

INFJs take a long time to want to be invested in people because similar to ENTJs, when they do, they are in it for the long haul.Once ENTJs win their hearts, this isn’t something that ENTJs need to worry anymore.ENTJs’ obsession with loyalty too will make INFJs more easily consider ENTJs as someone potentially trustworthy.As much as the ENTJs are often “wanting” in the emotional area, they actually will feel supremely fulfilled when they do feel and that people react well to it (reciprocated as intensely), which isn’t easy when we interact with other fellow x NTxs.

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ENTJs, as people who value consistency and loyalty will find INFJs’ attitude in walking with you all the way something that is extremely fulfilling.Understanding the fact that we as humans are often attracted to our opposite or complementary personality types can really help us in the search for the optimal mate.