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19-Oct-2017 12:13

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It's not exactly "broke" so I'm not going to fix it. In almost all of my other guitars, I've been using EMG's for years.The best way to compare these to EMG's is that the Fluences seem to have a brighter, more focused tone.This is a 1970s Les Paul type Stagg that was originally purchased in Australia. The Fretboard is rosewood and the body is mostly hollow ply with blocks under the bridge.It seems to have no external markings anywhere except for the "Stagg" decal. The fret markers seem to be plastic imitation mother of pearl and the headstock inlay is mother of pearl.Gibson introduced the Les Paul Recording in 1971 and discontinued it in 1980.A LP Recording with exactly the same finish/pick up colour as that was issued in 1977.

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In the mid/late 1960s, Kanda Shokai also exported some Greco-branded guitars based on Hagström and EKO designs for Avnet/Goya in the USA.) guitar factories and were very similar to the late 1960s Ibanez guitars based on Hagström and EKO designs.Maxon TOD-9 True Tube Overdrive, classic OD-9 circuit with added tube stage, a military-spec 5703WB JAN Raytheonis mini tube is positioned at the front of the audio path, driving the OD-9 circuit and adding warmth and dimension, controls: Tube, Drive,...Maxon RTC600, electric guitar stomp box, tube compressor/limiter, 12AY7 tube, threshold control, ratio control (1:1 - infinite : 1), attack control, release control, gain control, true bypass, die-cast aluminium chassis, incl.Fuzz pedals are known for having a mind of their own. The first fuzz designs were all germanium and are usually the most sought-after fuzzes on the market.

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Since there doesn’t seem to be a simple guide to the “personality” of a fuzz pedal out there, I will attempt here to help you get the most out of this primitive and fun effect. Germanium, (originally called Neptunium) type components existed in the electronics world as early as the 1940’s.The diagram provided, showing you the wiring schematics is very clear and easy to understand.

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