Accelerated opengl mode and updating the video card drivers

14-Aug-2017 00:38

accelerated opengl mode and updating the video card drivers-2

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This document describes how to install an updated version of the graphics driver on a computer that runs Windows XP.

The graphics driver is system software that controls a computer's graphics card (sometimes called a video card or GPU).

3D applications, such as Sketch Up, require abundant system resources.

Aside from having a fast CPU and large amounts of RAM, your video card and video card drivers must be 100% Open GL compliant. Open GL is the industry-standard, used in numerous software applications and games, to draw 3D geometry.

Many Rhino 5 features use Open GL like shaded or rendered display mode and analysis modes.

The performance will not be great using those new features but they may work ok, which might be more desirable than not working at all.

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Open GL card manufacturers regularly publish new drivers.

These new drivers always fix known problems, and sometimes introduce new ones.

We recommend you keep your display driver up to date.

On a computer that does not have an actual graphics card, the graphics driver controls the part of a computer's motherboard called a graphics chipset (sometimes called an onboard, built-in, or integrated graphics controller or chipset).

Disclaimer: Adobe does not support the installation of graphics drivers and provides the information in this document only as a courtesy.VM: Java Hot Spot Client VM (mixed mode), Sun Microsystems Inc. Windows Peer Info.n Choose Pixel Format(Native Method) at org.lwjgl.opengl.

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