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16-Oct-2017 21:29

According to reports, when their marriage began to suffer with communication problems, Anderson urged Poueu to go to counseling.While in a session, Poueu decided to confess all and admitted that he has been cheating on Anderson throughout their relationship.contestant Sam Poueu wanted to propose to fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson, he knew just where to do it."I wanted to go back to the ranch, because that's where it all started," the hiking guide and trainer, 25, tells Us of asking Anderson to be his wife Oct. The pair met and fell in love while filming season 9 in 2009.

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"They know what we've been through," radio sales exec Anderson, 30, tells Us.

Says Poueu: "My brother Kale will be my best man, but Koli will be in my lineup.

alum found himself accidentally locked out on the rooftop of a friend's apartment and tried to climb down a fire-escape ladder when he lost his footing and plummeted several stories, ending up in the hospital in critical condition. "The San Francisco Fire Department responded within minutes thans to a neighbor's immediate call."The popular reality star sustained severe injuries to his head and pelvis, torn ligaments, a punctured lung and a broken leg, but remained conscious.

Trapped on the roof, Poueu made a fateful decision."[He] attempted to climb down the fire escape ladder to drop down into the fourth floor balcony and slipped," his family and Anderson said in a statement.

After attending a buddy's birthday dinner, Poueu decided to head up to the rooftop of another friend's apartment when the door locked behind him.

It seems that Anderson could not cope with the betrayal and left Poueu with only two months remaining in her pregnancy.