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It's not weird to talk about your one-day wedding.

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Free dating sites are part and parcel nowadays of how both young and mature age men and women meet.Your boyfriend's whole family is going on vacation.If you're heading toward marriage, it wouldn't be so crazy if they invited you to join (though if you're not invited, it doesn't mean you're not going to marry your guy--I wasn't included in Paul's giant family cruise…seven years into dating him).When your boyfriend says to you, "I'd like to have kids a few years after you finish your master's," he's talking about a future with you, and not just some great beyond where he has a theoretical wife with whom he can make babies. If your guy starts sentences with, "When we get married," he's made up his mind: He wants you to be his wife.

You may not get engaged the next day, or even the next year, but if your relationship stays on its current trajectory after a statement like that, your marriage will have that man in it.Namely, some extra cash for a better produced show, extra promo materials, and some gear; which means more for your pocket after the show.